Panoramıc Glass SystemSYSTEM CODE: IC-43 (4+12+4mm dOUBLE Glass)

Panoramic Glass System
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              Panoramic Glass Sysem; is a manual system , Stell roped, movable handrail glazing system. The system can be used as a moving handrail system in hotel glazing, café glazing, restaurant glazing, balcony glazing, and stadium glazing etc. In this system, the Panoramic glazing system, The system can be manufactured with 4+12+4 mm  tempered double glass.

What are the benefits of Icconium's Systems ?

Special Panoramic Glass System  designed Steel Rope  apparatus removes the problems due to breakage or stripping. The undermost panel is designed as unremovable, thus system provides safety against burglary.

-Long life You will be able to enjoy your aluminium windows for not only years  but decades to come as their incredibly resistant to the elements


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  • Material : Aluminium – glass
  • Used glass types : Tempered 4mm + 12mm Gap + 4mm Double Glass
  • Color opt. for profiles : RAL 7016 ST – RAL Color
  • Color opt. for acc.  Metal accessory are in Black
  • Max. Panel width : 2500 mm  
  • Max. Panel height : 3000 mm 
  • Max 4  Panels

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